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One of the most important parts of a solar-powered home or solar-powered business is proper installation.  Unrivaled Electric is professionally certified in solar installations so that your home or business will function efficiently and safely.

Solar Licensing and Certification

3 main parts to the certification & licensing
Unrivaled Electric meets all 3

Part 1: Electrical License

Solar falls under sections of the Electrical code which makes it become the responsibility of the licensed electrician. It is his (or hers) responsibility to ensure that the entire installation meets the appropriate Electric and fire codes. -Typically held by Tim Dumas

Part 2: NABCEP Certification

(NABCEP site) Nabcep is a certification board-driven to ensure higher quality service and installation by solar professionals. The certification has many different levels all very rigorous with a final exam to receive certification. The board holds a list of these superior certified individuals. -Typically held by Will Betzler

Part 3: Manufacturer’s Standards

Nearly every manufacturer has their own training courses which you need to take and pass in order to be a dealer or a true installer which then ensures that a warranty is truly valid. We meet training requirements for the solar products that we sell and install. We even often post on social media our recertifications and new certifications. -variously held by all the team.

We pride ourselves on education to our customers, potential customers and especially our younger, less experienced team members. We believe we need to so that we can ensure customer satisfaction, quality installations and a lasting company. The new team members today could be leading us in the short future.