I am very pleased with this installation. The company answered all of my questions I peppered them with, while I made up my mind which direction I wanted to go, gave me a fair price estimate for the work and delivered as promised. They were very courteous, friendly, competent and thorough. I recommend Tim Dumas Highly.

Steve K
Ellettsville, IN

Recent donation from Tim Dumas

This volleyball season is especially exciting for our participants due in part to the wonderful upgrades to our gymnasium. It is well known that we received funding for a new HVAC system for the gym last year, and it’s made a world of difference for our sports leagues. The gym is warmer and more inviting for all players, coaches, staff, and fans this season. In addition to the HVAC system, we have had our bathrooms repainted and the bathroom floors resurfaced thanks to RCV Roofing. Then a grant for an MLK Day Service Project enabled us to partially repaint the gym walls and a grant from SIA Foundation Inc. allowed us to purchase another set of bleachers for our fans.

Most recently we had another big wish granted! For 11 years Girls Inc. has been using a 150′ extension cord to power our scoreboard, radio, and speaker. Girls Inc. has been wishing for power outlets to be placed on the west side of the gym so all our power needs are met and in a safe manner. Tim Dumas came in and answered that wish! We thank Tim Dumas for a generous donation of materials and labor so that we are able to have power run directly to our scoreboard and scorekeepers table. None of these upgrades would have been possible without support from donors and volunteers alike. Thank you to everyone who’s helped improve our space over the last year!

article straight from Girls Inc
Monroe County, Bloomington IN

Tim Dumas not only gets rave reviews from me, but anytime I refer them to a client, my clients are thrilled. So not only do I get peace of mind from their knowledge and skills, they also make me look good to my clients for referring them. In fact, right after Tim Dumas visited one of my clients, I received this text; “What a totally awesome guy! We will definitely use him for anything we need electrical wise!”

Tim Dumas has done work for me at my home and at my rental properties. Quick, honest and knowledgeable! Stop looking for an electrician, you’ve found the best!!

DT Bloomington Realtor and Property Owner. 2014

Mr. Aaron Jagdfeld,

​I am 72 years old and live in the country. I depend on my generator when the power goes out. That is why I buy the most dependable generator money can buy, or so I thought. I currently own a Watchdog Generator and have had all kinds of problems with it. I have had a repairman out due to problems. He could not figure out what was wrong with it. Finding a qualified repairman has been difficult. I was lucky to find a man, attending your training sessions, that has learned how to repair the generator. If it weren’t for Tim Dumas, the closest company is 60 miles away. Tim came to my house and made the repair, which the previous technician could not do. I wanted you to know that Tim Dumas is an asset to your organization. They are very knowledgeable, polite, explain thoroughly, and provide service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I finally found a company I can depend on. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Ron C.
Freedom, IN

Tim Dumas saved Christmas! All out outside lights were not working and within just a few minutes they had them working! YAYYY!! Thrilled to say the least. Best in town!

Ellettsville Resident

Tim, We have sold our house and will no longer be needing your Generator service, however we will pass this information on to the new owners. We are moving out of Indiana, so please remove our e-mail from your distribution/contact list. We have been pleased with the service you have provided and recommended you in the past to our friends and neighbors. Congratulations on your new company and wish you the best of luck as you get it started.

Jeff & Robin Armstrong