Generator Service and Repair

Have a Generator? Has it ever been serviced?

We don’t just sell you a box and a bunch of stuff with GENERAC written on it, we know the products inside and out. When you buy from them and install it yourselves, like most customers that do, you will likely end up calling us to fix or help you get a part that you need. That part-time employee didn’t know you needed. We can also help you compare “Apples to Apples”.

We offer a full service program with two service plans to choose from.

Basic Service Package

This is an Annual Service.

This includes checking and or changing,

  • Oil and filter
  • Spark Plug
  • Air filter
  • Battery
  • Fuel Pressure
  • Engine inspection
  • Valve clearance
  • Any damaged parts or wiring
  • Full system check
  • Updates for the computer
  • Transfer switch Inspection
  • Simulated power failure test

Premium Service Package

This is a Bi-Annual Service.

This package was created to add an extra layer of protection for your investment. It includes everything in the Basic Service Package, but adds a second scheduled service appointment.

This gives you the security of knowing that you will have a trained service tech inspecting your generator twice a year. Also, it gives you access to a discounted 24/7 emergency service tech, should the system ever have an issue.

This option allows you to lock in a set service price for a 5-year period.

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